• Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House Takeaway
  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    How To Order - Selected from the menu

    Please Call us on 020 8542 8630
  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    Specialising in Private Catering for all Parties Events

    Please call for Details: 020 8542 8630
  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    Free Delivery

    For orders over £15 within 2 miles
  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    Squid with Ginger & Spring Onions

  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    King Prawn with Cashew Nuts

  • Golden House - Wimbledon - SW19 1AW

    Chicken Curry

Set Menu

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Special Set Dinners - Choose Your Own Set Dinners (58 Dishes to Choose From)

Please Choose 58 Dishes From the Followings

A1 Crispy Seaweed  
A2 Sesame Prawn on Toast  
A3 Barbecued Spare Ribs with Sauce  
A4 Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs (Dry) chilli  
A5 Special Spring Rolls (Meat)  
A6 Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls v  
A7 Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings chilli  
A8 Capital Chicken Wings  
A9 Smoked Crispy Shredded Chicken  
A10 Satay Chicken on Skewers chilli  
A11 Crispy Curry Samosa  
A12 Sweet & Sour Prawn Balls  
A13 Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls  
A14 Sweet & Sour Pork Balls  
A15 Chicken Sweet Corn Soup  
A16 Chicken & Noodle Soup  
  Rice & Chow Mein  
R1 Special Fried Rice  
R2 Egg Fried Rice v  
R3 Boiled Rice v  
R4 Singapore Fried Rice chilli  
R5 Mixed Vegetables Fried Rice v  
R6 Chicken Fried Rice  
R7 Roast Pork Fried Rice  
R8 mixed Vegetables Chow Mein v  
R9 Chicken Chow Mein  
R10 Beef Chow Mein  
R11 Singapore Chow Mein chilli  
R12 Mushroom Chow Mein v  
  Main Dishes  
M1 Sweet & Sour Chicken (Hong Kong Style)  
M2 Chicken with Lemon Sauce  
M3 Chicken with Cashew Nuts  
M4 Chicken Curry chilli  
M5 Chicken with Mushrooms  
M6 Chicken with Mixed Vegetables  
M7 Chicken Chinese Style  
M8 King Prawn with Mixed Vegetables  
M9 King Prawn with Szechuan Style chilli  
M10 King Prawn Curry chilli  
M11 Beef with Mandarin Sauce  
M12 Beef with Satay Sauce chilli  
M13 Beef with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce chilli  
M14 Beef curry chilli  
M15 Beef with Oyster Sauce  
M16 Crispy Shredded Beef with Chilli Sauce chilli  
M17 Beef Chop Suey  
M18 Roast Duck with Pineapple  
M19 Roast Duck with Ginger & Spring Onions  
M20a Mock Meat with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce chilli  
M21a Sweet and Sour Mock Meat   
M22 Sweet & Sour Pork (Hong Kong)  
M23 Roast Pork Chinese Style with BBQ Sauce  
M24 Pork Curry chilli  
M25 Roast Pork with Szechuan Style chilli  
M26 Roast Pork with Mushrooms  
M27 Chinese Cabbage with Oyster Sauce  
M28 Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables v  
M29 Beancurd with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce chilli  
M30 Sweet & Sour Beancurd v  

Oriental Chef Special (All Large Portions from OC7-OC17)

Dishes Description

Special Box - £9.00 Per Head

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